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We recommend that:

1. Students not forward email from the email system to a non-UFV email system.

2. Students always use their UFV email address when contacting instructors.



  • We can't guarantee that you will receive messages forwarded to another email system. A forwarded message could bounce if your inbox is full or otherwise unavailable, or it could e blocked altogether by a spam filter.
  • Email sent from a non-UFV email  address to a UFV address may be blocked  by our spam filters without notification to  you or the recipient.  Your instructor or  other important recipient may not receive  your email at all. 
  • The UFV-assigned email address clearly  identifies you as a student.  For example,  email from or may look like  spam in an instructor's inbox, and be  deleted unread.
  • If you are submitting an assignment close  to deadline, the UFV email system will get it  to your instructor on time. Other email systems  may delay sending email, which could cause  assignments to be delivered late to your  instructor's inbox.  This could result in  deducted marks or worse, depending on  your instructor's late assignment policy.
  • Having to maintain additional non-UFV mailing  lists makes more work for instructors who may be  interacting with 100+ students per term.   

But if you must:

1.Access your student email account:

Log into your email account using your student number and password

2. Select the ‘Preferences’ tab

3. Click the ‘Mail’ option in the left-hand pane (see #3 below)

4. Scroll down to the ‘Receiving Messages’ section (see #4 below)

5. Enter the email address you would like messages forwarded to (see #5 below)

6. Click the ‘Save’ button (see #6 see below)

For further information check the ITS Knowledge Base under Student email.

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