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Sculpture 1: Portrait bust of a Flavian Woman Roman Sculpture (90 B.C.E.)

To find books: search roman sculpture in the library catalogue

Some examples: Roman Portraits in Context (search e-book for flavian or hairstyles)

To find articles, search JSTOR:

Search terms for JSTOR:

“Flavian sculpture” and/or “hair,”

“hairstyles,” and “roman sculpture”

vespasian and women,

roman portrait bust,

Example articles:

Another similar portrait and relevant website


Scuplture 2: Statute of the Old Market Woman  Greek sculpture (1st century C.E.)

JSTOR search terms:


"old women" And "greek society"

There are references given on this website. Look for the References tab on the right hand side. Some of these articles can then be found in JSTOR.

Waldhauer, O. 1946. "Myron's Anus Evria and the Drunken Woman in Munich." American Journal of Archaeology 50: 244-46.

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Abramitis, Dorothy H. 1997. "Statue of an Old Woman: A Case Study in the Effects of Restorations on the Visual Aspect of Sculpture."


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